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Azalea Town Homes rezoning support

Petition of Support for Azalea Townhomes Rezoning and Concurrent VariancesThe Property encompasses nearly 10 acres, approximately one acre of which lies between Azalea and the Chattahoochee River, 1) On the land north of Azalea will be 22 attached single-family homes and 2 detached single-family homes. 2) 60% of the land north of Azalea will be left undisturbed and put into a conservation easement. 3) The plan includes pedestrian trail easements for surrounding neighborhoods that currently lack direct access to the river. 4) The parcel fronting the river will be conveyed to the City of Roswell’s Parks and Recreation Dept. for the benefit of Atlanta Junior Rowing Association (AJRA) which will construct a new Boathouse and a dock. 5) The portion of the creek to be piped is the degraded section that was at the bottom of the old pond whose dam was breeched in the 1990’s. It is an unstable and changeable channel due to heavy sedimentation and trash accumulation.

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